Base Camp for the Community


Provide a space where multiple teams working on mutually related missions can connect, discover, and converse directly for better teaming during disaster.

Discovering your response and support partners after the crisis starts is chaotic

Mingling with other teams, chatting, getting to know the people, the missions, the needs, and the resources helps us ALL prepare better.

Email and phone are point to point, this is many to many.  Share once, many see it, especially those you didn’t know existed.


Across the globe, millions of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), nonprofits, private groups, government bodies, and corporations work to support humanity and the planet when a disaster occurs.  These groups want to do good and want to work with others, but it can be very difficult to find and work with others responding to crisis.



Aid Arena is a free, online chat and collaboration space built to give our community a place to connect so that we can ALL respond quicker and better.


Conversa Corps has selected the Slack platform for Aid Arena.  Membership is free and offered to ANY organization supporting the missions above.  The purpose is to enable members to interact, develop relationships with others across their sector and the greater community, learn, teach, collaborate, and converse.  Conversa Corps provides highly skilled Facilitators to work continuously to enhance the collaboration happening between the groups, guide conversation during crisis, and ensure the most effective interaction between the teams.



When a crisis strikes, the community and Facilitators may deploy to a smaller, focused Slack workspace specifically supporting that crisis.  Facilitators will work with any local responding groups to include them in the deployment for maximum interaction.



Select a handful of representatives to serve as “brokers” from your organization into the greater community in the Slack workspace.

Fill out the membership request form.

We vet or interview ALL applicants to ensure we can maintain a high trust, professional community.

Once approved, you receive a short Collaboration 101 training session and join the Aid Arena.

Facilitators will help you connect to the right channels and you are encouraged to contribute yoru knowledge, explore, and mingle.