Conversa Corps facilitates collaborative action between humanitarian and disaster relief teams to effectively respond to crises.

What We Do

We gather people into a living network that pursues common goals – effective communication, incident planning, and response – to increase resilience and foster meaningful change. 

By immersing trained facilitators into online communities we help today’s problem solvers find one another so they can do what they do best.

What We Believe

Conversa Corps believes that, at its most potent, collaboration is joining people you’ve never met to solve a problem you just discovered together. 

The most effective conversations are ones where people share knowledge across our hyper-connected networks of people and resources. Collaboration tradecraft helps non-profit, non-governmental, and governmental organizations join efforts to do just that — all for the common goal of helping humanity and our planet.


For two decades, our team has evolved alongside the development of modern operations tradecraft, helping individuals organize around a collective issue, respond in real-time, and sustain relationships that enable them to prepare for the future.